FoFF Supports Phasing Out the Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

A bill to protect farmworkers, children, fish, birds, pollinators and more, HB 4109 will phase out the use of a highly toxic agricultural pesticide, Chlorpyrifos (chlor-peer-i-fos) in Oregon. This potent neurotoxic chemical was developed by the Nazis in WWII as an agent of warfare. Commonly known as Lorsban, it causes brain damage in children and pregnant women and has already been banned in Hawaii, California and New York. According to an OPB article , "Chlorpyrifos has been banned for indoor use since 2000 after studies found that use in apartment buildings was linked to decreased IQ in children and lower birth weights. It seems to affect fetuses, infants, and children most strongly."

A similar bill was introduced last year, but never made it to the Governor's desk so it died. We fully support this revitalized effort being led by PCUN (Oregon's farmworker union) and Beyond Toxics. Let's make Oregon a leader and the 4th state to ban this highly toxic pesticide! Click here for more information. 

Stand With Us to Say
NO to New Mega-Dairies

Last year our bill calling for a moratorium on new or expanded mega-dairies died, so the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee introduced SB 1513 this year. This bill offers a couple of timid, watered down rules that will barely affect industrial dairies in our state. Given the recent Lost Valley Farm debacle here in Oregon, and the number of small dairy farms going out of business nationwide, we don't need minor regulatory tweaks. We need our legislators to take bold moves to stop the multiple harms caused by mega-dairies. For that reason, we urge the committee not to pass SB 1513 out of committee. Let this bill die a quick and easy death. Find out if your Senator is on that Committee (to do so, click here) and let them know the bill is weak and should not pass out of committee.

In the meantime, the state willfully continues to permit massive mega-dairies in  the Lower Umatilla Basin despite unsafe nitrate levels in its drinking water since 1990! Nitrate in water is linked to birth defects and cancer. It's time for urgent action. The EPA can put a moratorium on new dairies until the area is cleaned up, and it's time they hear from you! Sign our petition and tell the EPA that the health of Eastern Oregonians is more important than a new mega-dairy.


FoFF Spring Outreach Tour

Beginning in March, FoFF organizers will be back on the road for our 2020 Outreach Tour to hear from you! Formerly known as "Listening Sessions." We hope you'll come to reconnect with FoFF, hear from those who've benefited from our programs or advocacy work, and learn all the ways you can get involved. We look forward to celebrating all the farmers and eaters who have helped us thrive the past 13 years and find new ways for people to connect with our mission and direct our efforts. Farmers, eaters, and food system advocates are all invited to complete our new survey and have their voices heard. Take the survey here.

Reach out to us for more information or if you want to volunteer. Thanks for helping us keep Oregon a great place to live and farm.


OSU Small Farms Conference 

The Small Farms Conference is a daylong event geared toward farmers, agricultural professionals, food policy advocates, students and farmers market managers.  Twenty-seven educational sessions are offered on a variety of topics relevant to small and mid-sized family farmers and food system advocates. Of course FoFF will be there, so please come find our booth and say hello! Registration is open until Feb 12th, $85. No day-of registration will be available this year, unless there are significant spaces available.

Our FoFF Family is Growing!  Meet our newest members...

Alice Morrison, Willamette Valley Organizer and Oregon Pasture Network Manager

Alice is a small farmer who owns White Rabbit Gardens with her partner in Cedar Flat, Oregon. She has been involved with the National Young Farmers Coalition and is on the board of the Oregon Farmers Market Association. She feels really honored to be a part of our team and have the ability to help build a future where small, sustainable, family-run farms like hers can grow, thrive, and feed our communities.

Sarah Ballini-Ross, Board Member

Sarah and her husband own/operate Rossallini Farm, 80 acres in Scio where they have quite a menagerie of animals - from cattle and pigs to  tortoises and a tegu. They sell pasture-raised pork, lamb, goat, rabbit, chickens and heritage turkeys.

Shaun Winter, Board Member

Shaun's famous Hot Winter Hot Sauce is made with 'Hot Winter' peppers that Shaun himself bred, turning an errant sweet pepper into a fermented hot sauce. He is committed to helping foster the type of farming that preserves our culinary heritage.  

Aliesje Marie King, Board Member

Aliesje brings a strong commitment to having a smaller impact on the earth while making a big impact with her actions. Advocating for food justice is a huge part of her life‘s work, which she digs into as program manager at Sauvie Island Center.

Calendar of Events

February 9: Honeyland Film Screening - Bend
February 10-11: Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training - Corvallis
February 11-13: Quarterly Board of Agriculture Meeting - Salem
February 12-15: Organic Seed Growers Conference - Corvallis
February 12-13: OR Farm to School and School Garden Conference (OFSSGN) - Silverton​       
February 13: Winter Vegetable Variety Field Day - Aurora 
February 13: Changing Hands: A Workshop on Farm Transfer and Access to Land - Pendleton             
February 14-16: Oregon Truffle Festival - Yamhill
February 16: Winter Vegetable Variety Showcase - Portland
February 20-22: Back to the Root Conference - Portland
February 21: OR Farmers Market Association Annual Meeting - Corvallis      
February 22: OSU Small Farms Conference - Corvallis
February 26: Local Food Buyer + Seller Matchmaker - Hood River
February 29: NWODGA 32nd Goat Conference - Canby
March 9: Farm to School Equipment & Infrastructure Grant submission deadline - Statewide
Do you have an upcoming event you'd like to put in our Calendar? Submit your event here for consideration.

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