Oregon Pasture Network Product Guide Update

FoFF launched the Oregon Pasture Network in 2016 to connect pasture-based livestock producers to expert assistance, resources, other pasture-based producers, as well as to eaters who care about the source of their food and want to purchase their meat, eggs, and dairy from pasture-raised animals. Two years later, there are nearly 60 members of the Oregon Pasture Network and the benefits keep growing for both eaters and farmers!

Every member of the OPN is listed in the OPN Product Guide for free, allowing Oregonians to locate and purchase products raised in a more environmentally sound manner, on pasture. We continue to improve the Product Guide as the Network grows. Most recently, we made it easier for shoppers to find pasture raised meat, eggs, and dairy directly from OPN producers in their area. (Find your next pasture-raised meal here!

For farmers, being a member of the OPN means access to a number of benefits. We sponsor classes to provide expert assistance for producers to deepen their understanding of the art and science of responsible grazing, and to improve their operations. We have also launched a 'Potluck and Pasture Walk' series, hosted by members of the OPN, to learn from one another and talk pasture. You can read more about the OPN's recent activities on our blog

InFARMation - Pasture-Raised Poultry - Sept. 25

Please join us on Tuesday, September 25 from 6-9pm for InFARMation at the Lagunitas Community Room!  Our topic will be Pasture-raised Poultry, and we will get to the bottom of such questions like why pasture-raised costs more than factory produced; heritage breeds vs. modern Cornish Cross; what the state and federal rules are about poultry processing; why it’s so hard to get pasture-raised chicken and turkey in restaurants; and, why we only get pasture-raised turkey once a year. 

Our September InFARMation Panelists:


The story of Geoff Scott and John Mathia of Marion Acres Farm provides a fascinating look into what it takes to create a pasture-raised poultry farm from a dream and a vision and a whole lot of hard work.  A. Whole. Lot. Their farm started with just 32 broiler chicks a few years ago and have grown quickly, opening a state licensed processing facility on-farm just this summer. They are currently one of the only local farms providing pasture-raised chicken to a number of Portland area restaurants. 

Grand Central Bakery strives to provide local and pasture-raised meat to their customers, and has had to face issues of scale, demand, state law and processing issues as they’ve grown from a small cafe & bakery to having ten stores over two states. Piper Davis and Laura Ohm of Grand Central will give us a behind the scenes look at what sustainable sourcing can and should look like, what the barriers are, and how we as customers can make a difference. 

Justin Ashby is meat monger for Flying Fish Company and owner of Tidal Boar Foods, and has worked behind the meat counter for several of the higher end groceries in Portland. He can speak to us about the challenges for grocery stores in stocking pasture-raised meat and about what kinds of questions we should be asking to both find pasture-raised meat by the cut and to encourage grocery stores to offer these kinds of responsibly-raised proteins. 

Doors open at 6pm, speakers start at 6:30. This is a free, all-ages event. There will be a raffle with great prizes and beer sales will be donated to Friends of Family Farmers. Please note, food options will be limited: Pasture-raised pork rolls, spinach and feta hand pies, and quinoa and kale salad. In addition to Lagunitas beer, there will be sodas and water. Parking is on-street and limited. If you would like to volunteer for this or any of our future InFARMations, or if you have any questions, please email Michele@friendsoffamilyfarmers.org.

Business Spotlight - Grand Central Bakery

Grand Central Bakery is a locally owned bakery and cafe with locations in Portland and Seattle whose mission is to serve their customers delicious, authentic food made from high-quality local and sustainable ingredients while growing a healthy, values-driven business. Grand Central works closely with a wide variety sustainable local farmers and ranchers, placing a high value on animal welfare and pasture-raising animals in the sourcing of their meat, eggs, and dairy products. They are also a key backer of our 2018 InFARMation series, highlighting the benefits of pasture-raised animal products. 

If your business supports our work, please consider becoming a donor to Friends of Family Farmers and joining our Business CircleContact Shari today for details. 


Calendar of Events

September 5: Communities, Food, Resilience - Portland and via Statewide Livestream

September 9: Small Goat Dairy Production - Mosier

September 11: Vegetable Variety Field Day - Aurora

September 11: Land Stewardship Short Course - Grants Pass

September 20: Integrated Pest Management Festival - Central Point

September 20: Land Stewardship Planning for Small Acreages - Dallas, OR

September 22: 'Get Yer Goat!' Goat Education Day - Central Point

September 25: InFARMation - Pasture-Raised Poultry - Portland

September 27: Living on the Land: Soils and Weeds - Dallas, OR

October 2: Benefits of Intercropping in Organic Systems - Webinar

October 4: Pasture and Manure Management for Small Acreages - Dallas, OR

October 9: InFARMation - Pasture-Raised Pork - Portland

October 11: Woodlands and Riparian Area Management - Dallas, OR

October 11: Intro to Pasture Management - Central Point

October 14: - Farm Olympics - Springfield

October 18: Water Rights and Well Water - Dallas, OR

November 13: InFARMation - Pasture Raised Dairy - Portland

Do you have an upcoming event you'd like to put in our Calendar? Submit your event here for consideration. 


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